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You can always ask RusCan-related questions and submit some headcanons!

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i know i havent been posting a lot here and i am really sorry and id like to announce an official hiatus for this blog 

i cant update often and i just started school so i think this is best 

i dont want to delete this blog but i could possibly give it to someone with the same intentions for it but i dont know this blog was like my Child 

but yes you can still message me here and on my main and this blog will stay up for now as an archive 

thank you everyone this has been fun! (o o)/

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Since today (July 15) is this blog’s first birthday, I would like to do something special for the occasion. So for the rest of the day, over at my main blog, nyoices, I will be taking RusCan art and writing requests. It can be any kind of RusCan (nyo, 2p, etc). I may not do every request but I will try to do most of them. I also apologize for not posting a lot lately. I’m still having technical difficulties but all will be sorted out soon enough.


hi guys! I am so sorry I haven’t been updating here very often..

I’m having technical difficulties and my old desktop (where i kept all my pictures) broke :^V

i’ll do what i can do update here as often as possible 

also june’s discussion questions are complete! i hope you all liked those and ill bring them back when i can 

thanks for not giving up on me heh >O<

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RusCan Discussion Questions (#4)

What would Ivan and Matthew do in their spare time?

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RusCan Discussion Questions (#3)

What is your favourite kind of RusCan?


Reminder of the RusCan Exchange going on! It’s open until this Friday (13th), so send an ask in quickly to participate!!

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